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Easter shop trading arrangements 

31 03 2007

The perplexing Easter shop trading arrangements in force in Victoria over recent years will continue to apply this year with a number of additional exemptions being granted to ease hardships caused by the recent bushfires.  The following attempts to summarise the set of rules:

  • Good Friday, Easter Saturday, and Easter Monday are public holidays in Victoria. Easter Sunday is not a public holiday. However, a range of different shop trading laws applies on these different days
  • Good Friday and Easter Sunday are restricted shop trading days. However, a range of exemptions apply to those restrictions. Some of these differ, depending on the day in question
  • On both days – Good Friday and Easter Sunday – so-called ‘exempt shops’ can open. These are businesses with 20 or fewer persons employed in the shop, providing also that they are not part of a larger business employing more than 100 people at different locations at any time in the previous seven days
  • Some other types of retail businesses are also exempt from any restrictions regardless of their size. This list encompasses: petrol shops, chemists, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, take-away food outlets, service providers, and hire outlets (including video stores)
  • In addition, hardware stores and plant nurseries may operate on Easter Sunday without restriction and irrespective of employee numbers. They are, however, still subject to the general restrictions which apply on Good Friday, based on the number of employees
  • The Victorian Government has also granted a number of additional exemptions to certain Local Council areas, in whole or part, in regard to trading on Easter Sunday only. Retailers in those specific areas may choose to open on that day.
  • The Government has added one more exempt area to the list this year in recognition of the recent fire damage.  Shops in the towns of Bright, Myrtleford and Mt Beauty in the Alpine Shire region will also now be exempt from any of the trading restrictions that would otherwise apply on Easter Sunday
  • Please note that while Easter Saturday and Easter Monday are designated public holidays there are no shop trading restrictions applying on those days.
    Obviously, there may also be obligations to pay additional wage rates to any employees working on any of the public holidays over Easter.  Additional Sunday penalty rates may also apply to employees working on Easter Sunday.  In each case those obligations will depend on the relevant award, agreement, or other provisions that apply to those employees. 

In summary:
Good Friday – is a Public Holiday and a non-shop trading day
Easter Saturday – is a Public Holiday, but no shop trading restrictions apply
Easter Sunday – is not a public holiday, but is a non-shop trading day.
Easter Monday – is a public holiday, but no shop trading restrictions apply